You don’t have to play your Hindrances to the extreme, but you can if it feels right!

You might wonder, what happens if someone gets a double Hindrance? Like when you slot a Crystal that gives your a Hindrance you already have, or get a mysterious pre-written note from your GM. We have rules for that, from p. 56 of the Crystal Heart RPG:

Double Trouble: An Agent might find themselves socketing a Crystal that gives them a Hindrance they already have. In that case, the Agent suffers from the Major form of that Hindrance (if applicable) or has all its numerical values increased by one. Double Clumsy subtracts 3 from Athletics and Stealth rolls, for example. In some cases this doesn’t make sense—a Blind Agent can’t become more Blind—so either ignore the extra Hindrance or find an interesting substitution.

If the double Hindrance doesn’t have a mechanical effect (such as with Cautious or Driven), the combination of the character’s natural and artificial inclinations becomes almost all-consuming. Should an opportunity present itself to act according to this Hindrance (GM’s call), the character must make a Spirit roll to behave in a different manner. Having a double Death Wish is dangerous indeed.