I think most long-term campaigns would benefit from having two main antagonists, of two types: Those that are relatable, and those that are a force of nature.

The first kind, which in our case is the secret cabal of “evil” Agents inside Syn, are perhaps wrong, misguided, or have ideals that differ from our own, but they’re still people. We can talk to them, we can be angry at them.

The second kind is… well. Should you even be angry at an avalanche? Is it even possible to stop a hurricane? Of course, if the sun is going to explode, we’ll be wrong to call it an “antagonist”, since it’s literally a force of nature – it’s more like a conceit of the setting. But if there’s sentience there, however alien, we find ourselves in a dramatic situation: We can definitely be angry at them for not caring about us, and yet they’re so much more powerful and remote, we’re not sure if we can ever make them care about us.

And then the campaign veers between handling the antagonists of type A and those of type B, and seeing them clash against each other as well. Never have a single Big Bad if you can have two! But keep them very different.

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