There’s a fantastic Hebrew word for the thing Lily seems to enjoy doing – לגהור, or, “Lig-hor” – which is sort of like “leaning forward all menacing-like”.

The thing that Raffaela seems to enjoy doing is called “getting butt-kicked”.

You might also note that we don’t show who’s the one saying “Lily, that’s crazy”. Because it doesn’t really matter, does it.
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On this page…

Lots of things happen, but they’re all quite simple.

First, while moving isn’t an action (during your turn you can simply move your Pace, regardless of the action you’re taking), running is an action. When you run, you add 1d6 to the number of yards you can move. Note this isn’t a Trait Test, and the die can’t explode. Raf, being at the back of the chamber, had to declare she’s running in order to have enough yards of movement to get there and back again – which was the whole point.

Second, throwing something is, well, a Throwing roll. Raffaela is good at throwing, but she basically asks for a Called Shot (pg 71), against something rather small. Nadav decided -2 should be enough because she isn’t trying to hit the Crystal specifically – that would be a -4.

Third, Lily herself suggests making an Agility check to grab the Crystal (which is great, because Nadav would have asked for it anyway). For her, it’s a cool part of the scene she imagines in her head – jumping to grab the Crystal! For him, it’s a cool point of potential drama – because if there’s a roll, then there’s a chance of failure, and that means she might not grab the Crystal, which will then fall and roll away, continuing the chase after this desired MacGuffin. He could have just said “Yeah, you grab it as it falls”, and not even make it an action. But everyone likes it better with a roll.

Lastly, the beast’s free attack (Withdrawing from Close Combat, pg 76) should just be a regular attack – but Nadav figures that wouldn’t be half as funny as having it Push her (pg 75) like the last time. We don’t show the opposed Strength roll of the beast against Raf, but you can guess how well it went for her.

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