We already know a bit about Crystals, and we’ve heard the word ‘feral’ before. When a Crystal is “in the wild”, not tamed inside a Harness or otherwise in the possession of Syn, it’s considered feral. This is a catch-all warning – because we don’t know what the hell those Crystals can do – but it also comes with a specific handling guideline: don’t touch it. For whatever reason, when an Agent touches a feral Crystal bare handed, there’s a chance it’ll cause a desync (heart attack) of their own Crystal. Something about the way the two Crystals’ energies are clashing or something, no one’s sure.

Basically, it means that Crystals not directly inside your body should be considered akin to live grenades.

The Tank – our party’s most-terrain-vehicle – has several compartments to store and “subdue” feral Crystals. Syn guidelines require every new Crystal to be brought back to the castle for a full diagnostic and evaluation, but Agents are known for their curiosity (one of the reasons they’re chosen to become Agents, after all), so it’s an open secret that many Agents try out the Crystals they’ve captured while still in the field. Some of them are never heard from again, though, so, you know. Be careful.

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