In Rotem’s mind, using her first action to try and speak with the creature is not a waste, even though it’s evident from the get-go that it probably can’t be reasoned with. If there’s even a chance it can talk, maybe scream at her something like “INTRUDERS BEGONE”, she’ll be able to get even more drama from this moment. (She’s also Heroic, or Pacifist [she’s not sure yet], and this play style also complements these Hindrances).

For Guy, the whole reason he took his Crystal, Survivor, is to, well, survive. Normally, he should activate his Armor power before combat; in this instance, there was no time, but he’s still going to try and do his thing. He rushes forward, drawing attention. Duty before honor! Or something.

Lily just wants to be hidden. Let the others sort themselves out, she’ll bide her time and wait for the right moment to act. One does not need to decide yet when one is simply observing from the shadows.

And what is the wolf-beast going to do? Well, I’ll just note that Raffaela is not observing, nor is she in shadows.

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