Useful for Fate Core and probably also Fate Accelerated. We weren’t paid to create this, we just like the game. Pay what you want for the rulebook (affiliate link)

You are welcome to print these rules for personal use: download the comic in PDF!

We have these comics-y rules guides for other games, too! See here.

Translations available in Traditional Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese

When we started our Patreon, we decided our goal for 250$ a month will be “Let’s make another one of those comics-explaining-things”; we reached that goal (actually, you reached it) at around the 1 year anniversary for the EotE strip, which was symbolic, and then we asked you over all of our socials, what game should we explain next. After some deliberation, we decided Fate Core deserves the treatment.

FATE Core Rules - page 1
FATE Core Rules - page 2