This might require some explanation; so if you haven’t understood what the hell we’re talking about, I assure you it’s very funny, and here are a few background details.

Organized Play is a way to play RPGs in, erm, well, an organized way. The publisher releases official adventures, and official GMs run them for players with official character sheets – and the “official” part is important, to make sure all is fair and interchangeable, so any GM can play with any player, anywhere. This is a great way to play if you have no regular campaign, btw.

There are currently two main OP programs, Pathfinder Society and D&D Adventurers League, and Shadowrun Missions has several seasons as well. 13th Age and Call of Cthulhu started their own things lately, I hope it’s going well. One of the best things about OP games is the seasonal content – each year is a “season” of play, with a specific theme and an overarching story arc. You don’t have to play all of the adventures of the season in order to be a part of the story – and influence it by your actions! – but there are usually a few special end-of-the-year mega adventures that can only be played if you’ve played through enough previous scenarios.

Pathfinder Society is about to begin the Year of the Stolen Storm, and D&D is heading for the season of the Storm King’s Thunder, and Call of Cthulhu’s first new season is coming to an end, and it’s called Time of Harvest, so oh my god I’m explaining the joke.

I’m thinking about starting a public, open-for-all Adventurers League group in Leisure Games, on Wednesdays, with the new season (Storm King’s Thunder). Will any of you be interested in joining? Please say so in the comments below, along with your favourite character class if you’ve played before, or favourite fruit if you’re a first time player.

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