(Hey, it’s those guys, from that strip!)

You can get converts at the strangest of places. Like your doorstep.

When some new neighbours settle down next door, they’re easy prey. You see each other from time to time, so you’ll eventually get to talk about board games. Or they might simply see you carrying that huge Imperial Assault box as you’re heading out to game with friends at the local pub, thus igniting the spark of curiosity.

But catching the attention of a stranger, in a chance meeting? That’s hard. Location, timing, atmosphere, presentation, these things have a huge impact on the attention span of the people surrounding you. Most of the time, they’re much more important than the game you’ve chosen to present (even if it’s easy to learn), or how excited you are about your hobby. People usually have no reason to care about what you’re saying, they have their own life to think about.

Strangers that arrive at your door, however, are a different matter, because they’re already in the correct mindset to give you their attention. In the case above, that’s because they’re missionaries, which mean they mostly expect to be doing all of the convincing, and you to only do the listening. In a case such as this, it’s a good idea to have brightly coloured, glitter-filled, double-sided invitation, to make them pause and re-think the situation. Good for you, Rotem.

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