I think the single most important factor in bringing muggles into the fold of our hobby, is excitement. Be excited, and try to reduce as many obstacles between you and the muggles, so it’s easier for them to catch it like wildfire. A comfortable atmosphere is like the perfect, clear weather that allows for a quick spread of fire. If you can’t explain the rules clearly, confusion and boredom start to accumulate at the edges of the forest, like a field of non-flammable, you know what, this metaphor is going kinda far.

Be excited, genuinely excited, as you really are about this hobby that is so wonderful, and brings you so much joy and meaningful experiences, and they’ll be swept along by the rising tide. See, I can also use water.

Read this storyline from the beginning: Self Reflection

In today’s podcast we talk about the pre-marathon session we did, an interview The Campaigner did with us, and how great my Wednesday evening D&D group was.

On the 17th we’re streaming a D&D mini-marathon starting 14:00 (GMT+1), for Extra Life’s Tabletop Appreciation Weekend. Watch the pre-marathon session to get a taste of what’s coming – and also, you can join as a player! We’d love you to share this, or our Facebook event, and thank you in advance.


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