Twitch, and other such streaming services (I have a soft spot for YouTube Gaming, myself), are the future etc. etc., but personally, I almost never watch them. I have several streams that I follow, because I appreciate them as people or I’m interested in their opinions, but I never actually watch them stream – I watch the recorded stream later, on YouTube. In case of big streamers, I don’t see the point of being online while they’re on, because the chat is so crowded how can you even; and in the case of small streamers, well, I don’t really follow small streamers. Once or twice I got into the chat of a podcast, mid-stream, but obviously, only those that are Euro-time-zone based.

(godamn timezones ruining everfing)

Today we discuss some new things our patrons just got, last week’s strips, London Comic Con, and several Kickstarters: City of Mist, Monsterhearts 2, and Bluebeard’s Bride.

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