I know this is an American thing, and we’re supposedly London based, but Rotem likes what Rotem likes, and we live in a multicultural world these days. (As long as that culture is American. HOOO Satire!!)

In other news, I’ve recently became an indie publisher (!) by offering the first few PDFs in a series of “3 Suggestions”, in which I try to give interesting and useful notes about all sorts of things I think are RP-worthy, such as:

Some are on Drivethru, the others are on dmsguild, since they use two different rules sets (5e and Dungeon World), although all of them are intended to have useful ideas that are useable in anything. All of which are for 1.5$, and they’ll probably get cheaper when there’s a site-wide sale. Also, soon I’ll be able to bundle them up and make them even cheaper.

More to follow in the future, such as alternatives to potions, interesting market stalls, and reasons to be bald, and if you’re so inclined you can check our roleplay page here. Thanks!
And I should note our Patreon patrons get them all for free. Even if you just sign up for 1$ for one month and then cancel it, yes.

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