We sometimes like to explore the decision-making process that must be going on, somewhere behind the scenes of our favorite companies. And it’s important to be clear about this: Fantasy Flight Games is my favorite gaming company, I’m quite the FFG fanboy. (Or as we call ourselves, FFanboys. [not really {but maybe we should}])

These days I’m all into Arkham Horror: The Card Game, the game that initiated the idea behind this strip, although I haven’t yet had time to sit down and play it. My wife and I are huge mystery fans, and we really enjoy campaign card games – which is not a thing I could have said 4 years ago, when the concept of a campaign card game still didn’t even exist. We live in a marvelous age!

On related news, Aviv and Ev bought me The End of The World: Wrath of the Gods, which is again from FFG, and again with Cthulhu, but is not Arkham Horror, nor Eldritch Horror, nor— well, you get the idea!


In case you don’t know what an IP is: it’s short for Intellectual Property. Star Wars is an IP, for example.


In today’s new podcast episode we watched Arrival, played Armello, supported Flush Fatale, and asked about Japan.

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