Her Majesty’s Royal Mail Service neither denies nor confirms having access to time-space manipulation devices, and that is because we haven’t asked them about it. THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION GUYS

Just like we sort of said goodbye to SHHH, we now bid farewell to the mailman, with one last strip featuring him (twice. OR IS IT). In case you haven’t heard, in 2017 we’re taking January off in preparation to our new direction, and now we have the full details available here and here.

“Starting February-ish, we’ll be following our four players as they journey through a roleplaying campaign, set in the world of Crystal Heart – an action-adventure, tomb-raiding, anime-esque, mystery-filled place, where people replace their own hearts with Crystals in order to gain magical powers!” (more)

In our final podcast episode for 2016 (and maybe forever, check the show notes) we talk about the strip that was two years in the making, Aviv’s favourite X-Women, and Eran’s last chance to praise the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.

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