It’ll even have a trailer with a catchy tune!

“Behind every screen, beyond every tablet,
they’re like me and you, because that’s who they are,
Beware their eccentric and puzzling behaviours,
the Players of Hearthstone are coming right now!
Players of Hearthstone – a meta expansion!”

We are aware that not all of you are Hearthstone enthusiasts (although we don’t understand why), and so, some explanations of terms:
BM: Bad manners, doing all sorts of shenanigans instead of just killing off your enemy. If you can just shoot them in the face, but instead go for a double fireball (after first killing off all their minions, even though there’s no need to do that), then you’re BM-ing.
Lethal: Having enough damage-dealing capability to finish off your opponent. Sometimes you’re so engrossed in the situation on the battlefield, you forget to notice you actually have the ability to finish the game this turn; you usually come to your senses only a moment or two after clicking the next turn button, but by then it’s too late. That’s called a missed lethal.
Paladin: The worst thing ever.