Q: Aren’t you guys supposed to post something every Monday, what’s with the last two weeks.

A: Both of us were in Israel for the Seder (I also visited a local gaming convention), and we had tons of stuff to do.

Q: Yeah, but can’t you write it beforehand, and have it automatically post itself–

A: Next question please. Yes, you there.

Q: Green or red?

A: Green or red what?

Q: In general.

A: Green. Yes, next one please.

Q: What’s your comics about? I thought you guys were doing jokes about board games!

A: We have an about page for that. We focus on tabletop games, yes, but we love all games and all other geeky stuff, and also London, so we’re doing an occasional strip on all of those things. We try to be conscious of our regular followers, and most of you guys like TT games (who can blame you), so that’s a major thing for us, but, you know, everything is interesting.
Also, we apparently already have regular followers after 15 strips, so, that’s awesome.

Q: Final question: How does one become a… follower, was it?

A: There’s a whole initiation ritual, but one can also just like our Facebook page or follow our Twitter account, since we mostly just post announcements about new strips. If you have an RSS reader, and you probably should have one, you can just subscribe to our feed.