Hello and welcome to our new posting schedule! New strips every Monday and Thursday. Yes, we’re pretty worried, but also excited. We’re worricited. We hope to keep our current level of quality, while doubling the quantity. IS IT POSSIBLE. (Ask again in one year).

Because we have more room now, we’ll be doing more story arcs; we explained the rationale in our last podcast. If you don’t connect to a specific story arc, no problem – we hope each joke stands by itself, and of course, we’ll keep doing the occasional one-off joke, probably one every two or three weeks. So, basically, like it was until now.

Today we’re starting with our natural bias, RPG; It’s a promise long in the making. We’ll also start uploading other things we like – for example, new posts every Wednesday, with RPG columns and Let’s Plays of story games. We already recorded a play of Intrepid, it was great fun – watch out for it, in two days.