We knew we wanted to end things with Jay on the bright side, with him getting his first RPG experience while not actually having to do so metaphorically in the vacuum of space. As usual, we went back and forth with various ideas, and one of the iterations of this strip went something like this:

Panel 1: Nadav, Rotem and Lily. Nadav says to Rotem he’s going to organize a one-timer session for Jay in Merry Games, so he won’t have to . Lily says, “Excellent, that was going to be such a burden for the party. I was planning on killing him.”

Panel 2: Nadav and Rotem both look at Lily. Nadav says, “You mean, ‘his character’, right?”

Panel 3: Lily, her face a bit wrinkled, says, “Yeeessss?…”