Jay is another enthusiast – we seem to have a few of those – but of a different type. Jay is prepared. He’s prepared to do whatever needed, and he also comes prepared. We can’t see it in the strip, but in his bag he carries several character sheets, pre-generated, in several popular roleplaying systems (since he wasn’t sure what they were playing, and didn’t want to bother them by asking). There’s also a dice bag, a deck of cards, several generic tokens, and a “get one free” voucher for a local pizzeria‎.

Back to the subject at hand: I think playing a character with a handicap or a problem – either physical or mental – is an excellent way to try and see the world from a different angle, and also a great RP hook for your character and story. One of my current characters is demon-blooded, and since she’s also a paladin of a deity of glory and, well, fighting demons, she sees her demon side as a disability, something that keeps her from being completely holy and pure. Hilarity ensues!

Next time: a solution is found.