A call back to a previous mini story arc! In which we introduced Jay, and the concept of Merry Games game nights.

I find that good roleplaying experiences breed more roleplayers by way of semi-gossip – you’re excited, you want to tell others about the stories you’ve played, you do so, and others get excited as well. This is, in many cases, where the chain ends; however, as a very big an RPG enthusiast, I almost always try to do as Rotem did here – get them to play, at least once, and hook them. (Although Rotem’s specific suggestion of Jay joining a regular group for his first game is not the wisest, as will be revealed later on). It’s safe to say that over 22-ish years of gaming, I’ve GM-ed for at least 200 people, although the number’s probably closer to 400.

And board gamers – they’re the best crowd to hunt new roleplayers from.


On another matter entirely, Aviv’s currently abroad, and wasn’t available to help me decide on the title of today’s strip (she’s usually the one who suggests the final title, she’s great with puns), so I’ve made the decision in her name, which made me realize I can probably go on doing that while she’s not here, which brought about this conversation:

Aviv: I hereby bequeath to you all of my earthly belonging.
Eran: Wow, thank you! That’s amazing, I didn’t know you can bequeath  something while still remaining alive.
Aviv: Even more so, technically I’m not even Aviv.
Eran: That’s fine, I can speak in her name.
Aviv: But I don’t even speak! This is written text! WRITTEN TEX–
Eran: Ha-HA! If so, how is it that I just stopped you mid-sentence? That can’t be done, unless this conversation is made using vocal sounds!
Aviv: Or if it’s written one-sided as a phony dialog!
Eran: Touche, touche
Eran cries into arm
//Eran quits chatroom


goddamnit I can’t even win against myself