Jay just wants you to enjoy yourself! At any cost!! …to Jay.

In a way, he’s doing the same mistake Emily did – he’s ignoring the group. It seems like the opposite of that, since he’s willing to give everything just to make sure others have fun, but he’s forgetting that the others see him as part of the group, and this is not about others, it’s about us – we all came here in order to play together. Part of our common desire is to have you in the group, as equal, participating in the game. (And it was arranged by you, to be your first gaming experience, dummy!)

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News of note: I’ve posted the 2nd part of my analysis of combat arenas, this time in The Hobbit movies (meh films, wonderful combat scenes), and also the 2nd part of Nord Kills Skyrim, although it appears Skyrim is pretty good at killing Nord.