Rotem is hardestcore. You like Firefly? (And you should) She likes it 37 times more, and so she did a thesis-sized study of its origins, and, like a true fan, watched everything several times and committed it to heart. But there’s so little merch for an obscure Swedish-Norwegian series from the 70’s… which means she’ll have to make her own cosplay, which is obviously the best thing in the world, and so everything clicks together and this is destiny.1

1 in episode 2, Captain Hyunger says a very2 famous quote about destiny, “våre verdener er skapt for oss etter våre ønsker”, our worlds are created for us by our desires. Thought provoking. 

2 not very

Read this story arc from the beginning: Comic Can’t

Yesterday was May the 4th, which is Star Wars and everything, but also Aviv’s birthday! Yes, she is the chosen one who’ll bring balance to the Force. If you want to tell her you like her and appreciate her existence, here’s a suggestion: Choose one of her art pieces, from her page or website, and share/tweet (@avivor) to the world. This is the best sort of appreciation an artist can hope for.1

1 well, in Aviv’s case she would also really like to have some beer