Eran: Hey all! We’re back from vacation. How are things? Are you good? We’re good. Glad we had this talk.

We’re starting a new arc today, should take about a month, and I want you guys to notice the details on Rotem’s cosplay (cosplay of what, is a question that will soon be answered). Note how Aviv chose to make Rotem dressed in the most elaborate way possible – remember, she’ll have to re-draw that for the entire arc. WHAT


Aviv: Past-Aviv, the one who designed Rotem’s outfit, would say that the whole point of this cosplay was to be as complex and elaborate as possible. That the bit is not as funny if the outfit is not completely over the top, with loads of little details portrayed exactly as they did in the original material [which, again, will be revealed soon], because that’s how much Rotem is invested in this fandom. She would also say things like, “it’s a good aesthetic choice”, and “it’s funnier with a monocle”, and especially “well, I’ve added all this stuff already, what’s one more little detail”.

Present-Aviv, who’s just finished drawing the fourth strip in this arc and knows there are still several more, would say “Hhhngnggguhh”, and would learn to rein it in in the future.