Featured in this strip:

Pathfinder RPG, which Eran plays every Saturday;

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, which Eran plays every Sunday;

and Pathfinder Adventures for the tablet, which Eran plays every few hours, give or take.

This strip wasn’t drawn, it was documented.


We didn’t plan this, but today’s also PaizoCon, the big annual Pathfinder celebration, in which various new products are announced; the most interesting one is Starfinder, proving that the peak isn’t the highest point you can strive for – space is so much higher.

In today’s new podcast we talk about the portrayal of mothers in comics form; Limitless was cancelled and we are so angry; X-men Apocalypse is a fun ride but lacks some emotional connection; and how Careers in the Warhammer RPG help you with character development.