(An explanation to the bewildered: Slash fic, furry, male/male, non-con, Spongebob, Sherlock)

From “Marry Games”, an Up to Four Players fanfic written by #Levelator:

The door opened, and the shadowy person entered the shop, clad in shadows and obscured by non-light.
“Who’s in here,” they said, and their voice was soft yet sincere.
The silence was deafening. No reply came. Sound waves did not vibrate through the air.
“Curses,” they cursed, and started toward the back of the shop, silent step by silent step, heavy cloak whimpering at the stillness of the air, wishing it could flow and fly. Such desires.
A sudden sound suddenly surprised them! “Caw! Ca-caw!”
The interloper looked up and up at the towering ostrich, appearing from behind the counter, neck after neck. It had a lot of neck.
With a swift hand, Lily undid the clasp of her cowl, letting it fall, revealing her ginger hair (Lily!Ginger forever!!), her other hand unsheathing the dagger she had instinctively drawn.
“Ca-caaaw!” Said the ostrich.
“Shhhh,” said Lily, taking a soft step forward, placing a hand on the bird’s outstretched wing, fingers to feathers. The touch was tender yet firm, with a hint of a promise. If only the ostrich could know. Oh, if only it could speak.
Uncorking the potion of speakiness, Lily lowered the bird’s long neck toward the tip of the bottle, as well toward her own waiting lips–

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Thus ends this story arc, read it from the beginning: Comic Can’t

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