We’re not making it easy for our parents, doing what we do. It’d be a lot simpler for them to appreciate our work if we played piano, for example, or were really good at…sporting…games. But we do webcomics, still a specific enough niche that’s hard to explain to people our own age, not to mention parents. And if that weren’t enough, our comics is about tabletop gaming, which adds another level of specialised geekery to work through.

Luckily for both Eran and myself, our parents – and our moms especially – are doing really well at bridging that gap. They not only follow and share our work – which I’m sure is about 50% gibberish to them most of the time – they make an effort to understand it, and understand us.

Edna is following that example, and being a real trooper throughout what must be an incomprehensible, loud, crowded and exhausting day out for her, because she’s making an effort to get close to her daughter. Rotem, on the other hand, was not doing a very good job at introducing her mother to her world and including her in it; but I think once the initial Comic Con excitement wore off, she became a little better at it. At the end of the day, it seems, they did manage to share a few mother-daughter moments, albeit unconventional, and probably with some very strange people in the background.

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