Hey everyone! We’re starting a new story arc. It’s short and sweet and online. I mean, it’s obviously online, but it’s also on online.

For the past few years I’ve been using Roll20 as my main RPG platform. At first I had no choice – I moved away from my group, and before I could establish a new one in my new country, gaming online was the only way to keep playing. At first, I was suspicious. This can’t be as good as “normal” RPG, right? Hundreds of sessions later (and two 12-hour broadcasted online gaming marathons), I can say that while there are indeed a lot of interesting differences between actual and virtual tables, playing online is not necessarily a lesser experience. I still, generally, prefer playing IRL, but online gaming is not only a valid way of gaming, it’s also very convenient. I know of more and more people who choose to play online, even when playing with people from their own locale. Saving time on driving, the ability to be available to handle family matters (important to the many, many parents that are part of our community today), the efficiency of using virtual maps and tokens, etc. – there are quite a lot of reasons one might want to play online.

We’ll be talking a bit more about Roll20 further on, it’s a great (and free) virtual table that I’m using on a regular basis.

Also new today: A podcast episode in which we talked about crossing the 100$ threshold, Cosmic Balance, Eran has been busy working on games, Aviv had a bad week and asks for comforting things.

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