Actually, Roll20 uses QuantomRoll, that “utilizes a ‘true random’ source of entropy, based on the fluctuations in the power of a beam of light.” So have no worries.

I’ve already talked about online RP, so today let’s focus a bit on Roll20 itself. It’s my platform of choice for any RP or storytelling game – check out our series of Let’s Plays, all played using Roll20 (More to come soon, btw). I think Roll20 managed to become a leading, if not the leading virtual tabletop today, so if you’re not already aware of it, you should, erm, awaken yourself to it. Yeah, that’s how you use English.

I like Roll20 for three main reasons:

  1. It works. Loads in 15 secs or so, and then, it just works.
  2. It’s free. If you use it a lot (like I do), you’ll run out of free space for the graphics you upload, so you might want to start paying a subscription – and you should anyway, if you’re using it a lot! Also, there’s a ton of great artwork for minis and tokens and such on the webstore, for reasonable prices. I bought loads, used all of it.
  3. They’re sympathetic fellows. Very open about their development process etc, (for example, in this NPC Cast episode) and do all sorts of interesting stuff with their audience, like the recent Roll20Con.

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