Welcome back to Crystal Heart!

Before the campaign continues into the next adventure, let’s have a short interlude. You can have one too, the rules are available in this PDF. Or just buy Savage Worlds already!

The idea is very simple, and in a way, it’s a codified version of a weekly question. It serves several of the same objectives: It encourages players to explore some backstory, enrich their character’s motivation, or show character development; and it allows the GM to infuse the story with new clues or new interpretations (as you’ll see in a week or two!).


Gen Con, the biggest yearly event in RPGs, is on this weekend, and per usual, we’ll be posting a new Life Gaming Lesson every day to celebrate! We’ll be sharing them through our socials, not on this website.


We changed our schedule a little: A new RPG post (relating to today’s comics) is due every Thursday, and a new podcast (discussing the comics and things we find worthy of attention) every Saturday. FYI.


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