Game designers, if you want to do something fun for your GM, put in something that will allow them to surprise themselves – like a randomiser that can inspire a fun interaction or scene.

A full list of names for these creatures can be seen on our twitter’s head image; it’s been there for a few days now, actually. If you’re wondering what’s the decision-making process in Ut4P Industries, it’s like this:
Me: *exists a few days ago*
Aviv: Hello, fyi: (posts image on Google Chat)
Me: Cool, also, how are things?
Aviv: Good, how’s with you?
Me: Cool, the rain’s nice, right?
Aviv: Totally.
Me: Let’s put this image as our twitter header and not explain why.
Aviv: Sure, let me resize it for twitter.

The Hall of Hybrids tournament will never end. Even if you vote, it won’t end – but you should vote anyway, because we can only find meaning in this voiceless void of life by imbuing it with our intentions and our actions.