Oh hello there turtle

Why don’t they all roll Stealth? Because they were careful and came in the night, without raising any alarms. Nadav keeps the “Getting potentially caught” obstacle for in case they fail in getting to the lab with one roll.

Why Common Knowledge? Because it would be either that or Smarts (maybe Engineering or Academics, but that’s pushing it a bit, so maybe it’ll be with -2). Nadav prefers to avoid using attributes for such rolls (the players invested in their skills, they want to feel they come in use), so not that. Knowing the layout of Syn facilities isn’t normally Common Knowledge – unless you’re literally from Syn yourself. Players really enjoy feeling that their background gives them some edge, even if they didn’t choose it – they’re Agents by default, not choice; although in this case Mac’s specific background as lover of all things Syn also comes into play, with a very delicious +2. Guy loves this, of course.

Isn’t this too easy? They don’t seem to think so. They worked hard to get here; worked hard to get inside; the dramatic need to have obstacles along the path is fulfilled. The rolls to find the finale (sort of) are indeed easy, but that’s justified – they know Syn, etc, see above – so no cracks form in this dramatic satisfaction. The tension is kept, and does not overstay its welcome (imagine there was a fight with some mooks on the way to the boss – what would it serve?).

Time for some “we’re getting to the climax” feeling.

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