One could ask, was she always a sociopath or did turning into a turtle made her one? It’s a moot point, though.

Hey, have you caught how Muna is using Fighting in a Test? I love that, it’s lots of fun. You can roll Fighting to make them Vulnerable, then another Fighting to attack them. Mechanically it’s really useful if you suspect the enemy has a high Parry or Toughness, and compared to “attack, attack, attack”, it’s a lot more similar to the cinematic image we have of feigning and looking for a way in before committing to an attack.

On another matter, I’m working on a new game. I’m aiming for Kickstarter, but for something bigger than Menagerie of the Void. It’s “X-COM in a city, college kids vs. invading fey”, a GM-ed tabletop experience with roleplaying and board game elements. If you’d like to follow the process and/or comment, head into the Discord server.