The parts I like best in this webcomic, beyond having the chance to reveal things that have been hiding in plain sight ever since the first few pages, is showing how this group handles “classic situations” of RPGs, because in many cases I find the common wisdom of our hobby to be false and even harmful and I want to rebel against it. I have a podcast for that, too, but the comic allows Aviv and me to show a specific situation and (most) of the context around it, so that it serves as a case study and we can talk specifics.

So I try to put Nadav in a difficult spot about once a chapter. This time, he believes he missed the emotional impact he aimed for, by introducing an unintended Deus ex Contessa – that is, the introduction was intended, but the Deus part was not – and Rotem is right in reminding him that this is what happens in a game that has a randomiser (which is most of them), and especially in the explody environment of Savage Worlds. She then says something even more important – they all agreed to accept the dice, and so they should all take responsibly on playing along with their results.

As you’ll see in the next page, Rotem takes player responsibility on the emotional impact by turning it into a different emotion, hopefully just as impactful.

*I would like to note that technically we have not showed you an exploded turtle person, so this is still in good taste.