Up until now Nadav didn’t need to create rules for handling “normies” (non Agents) who touch the red liquid created by the Beast Crystal. On its first appearance (page 16!) the transformation was a story thing, not a rules thing, but now it’s becoming more available and there’s a need to decide what’s going on.

So it goes like this, and this will also be in Original Syn:

When an extra come in contact with the red liquid, they gain bestial features. These features are just some dice adjustments and an ability or two; each Land have its own set of features. They also lose their mind, unless there’s a good reason to think they might be able to keep it, and then they get a Smarts or Spirit roll.

When a Wild Card comes in contact with the red liquid, they become a full Bygone Beast (again, there are statblocks for each Land), including the increased Wild Die. They must make a Smarts or Spirit roll to avoid also becoming absolute bastards with the Hindrance Arrogant and another one, depending on the Land: Turtles get Ruthless (Major), Birds get Impulsive, Wolves get Bloodthirsty, Foxes get Overconfident, and Snakes get Vengeful (Major).

For both extras and WC the effect only lasts for as long as the person remains in contact with the liquid. If you drink or inhale it, it’ll take for a long while; if you just touch it, it’ll be for a few moments. A person who comes in contact with the liquid frequently is also in danger of getting a Major Habit.

I think Kitau probably became a Wild Card before or after the montage at the start of this chapter, probably? Anyway, she is now. She deserves it!

ZineMonth is coming! If you’ve heard of ZineQuest of past years, this is the new alternative (which exists for various reasons).

If you don’t know it, this is an annual celebration of independent game designers in the tabletop space, in the month of February. Last year I created Menagerie of the Void, this year I’m working on Custody (name not final), a game about being the guardian spirit of a group of four adventurers who get themselves into combats and danger and you’re just trying to keep them alive and healthy.

See more about ZineMonth in their discord, and more about Custody in mine.