No Support roll for you!

This Crystal is from our RPG, because we’re too lazy to create new ones. Also, recycling is important.


In other news, you can now watch the whole 6-hour marathon Aviv did last week!

Aviv also made profiles for all of our Zeitgeist characters for our Roll20 campaign:

Zeitgeist is a wonderful, immersive campaign, which we highly recommend. Warning: If you check out the website, only read the first page, everything else is spoilers. It’s better to download the free Player’s Guide and Campaign Guide.

Finally, all of the Menageries of the Voids are now sent to backers, which means I get to start working on the “sequel”, Theme-Park-Pokemon single player game – one more step toward the  beloved dream that is a Stardew Valley ttrpg. You can buy Menagerie of the Void on or get a copy for free if you can’t afford it.