The real world works on physics. Fictional worlds, however, can work on magical thinking.

If ferocity is the core of your being, and you want to remove it, you need to take out your core. If you want to do this for everything on the planet – and you’ve figured out that you’re all connected to your planet – you might as well take out the planet’s core.

The moon is the one true crystal heart in this whole saga. Every Crystal is just an instinctive attempt by the planet’s subconscious to try and recreate what it had lost, through the thought patterns of (deceased) sentient creatures.

And now you see why it was very important for Nadav to feature the moon prominently in the first adventure. It was the mother of all misdirected foreshadowings: The adventure seemed to be about werewolves, but it was actually about were-humans, because Beast wolves are the true inhabitants of this world; and it seemed to include the moon as part of the werewolf thing but it actually featured it as the final, true solution to everything that’s going on, hanging up there since day one.

There are still two more secrets to be revealed before this is all over. Can you guess what they are? HAHA NO WAY IN–Well you might be able to guess one of them, actually, now that I think about it.

Okay! I’m also happy to answer any question you might have about any of this, either here or in our Discord.