Look, let’s be clear about this: Muna’s new Crystal is obviously not about being a werewolf.

or is it?

Ha! I said we’ll be clear, and instead, I’m sowing doubt. Dance, marionette-readers, dance!!

Power Stunts are a setting rule first introduced in the Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion. Crystal Heart is using a variant on that – although, seeing as we’ll be switching to the new edition’s ruleset, we’ll in fact be using a variation on the variation. Point is, you’ll be able to create new effects (read: powers) at the cost of a Benny, as long as the effect you’re suggesting is relevant to your Crystal’s theme.


Also, have you noticed how Nadav used the unintended power activation as a way to further the plot, thus both propelling the game forward and letting Rotem feel better about accidentally harming her friends, while also helping her reveal a new, useful aspect of her Crystal? Tight.


Thornwatch is out! Aviv did lots of work on that one.

Rosh Hashana is out! Some rabbis did lots of work on that one.