There’s a reason he’s called Boss Honda!

(it’s because he has employees)

Any good final confrontation should probably have a bit more than just a straight-up combat. Maybe have a little Dramatic Task involved; it’s a Savage Worlds subsystem in which players make Skill checks to gain a fixed numbered of successes and overcome a problem. Or maybe have a secret or two, to be revealed and resolved during the fight, to make it dynamic and multi-staged.

Or maybe have both.

The Crystal Heart Kickstarter – One week to go

Kick our start!

Today or tomorrow we’ll reveal our final (?) Stretch Goals, and it’s no secret that they’re going to include an Action and Adventure Deck, because we’ve been dying to have one from the start. If you’re already a backer, fantastic! Please let someone new know about our project. Give them this link along with your own words – tell them why you backed, what makes you think this is worthy of existing (and your money).

If you’re not yet a backer:

  • Are you new to our hobby? Let Crystal Heart and Savage Worlds be your gateway to many years of new, varied experiences! Both the system and the setting are well-suited for newcomers. Download the free Starter Set and see for yourself!
  • Are you, erm, old to our hobby? Come and explore the world of Crystal Heart, which can be as colourful and whimsical or as deep and troubling as you’d like! We assume you’ve been reading our comic, so you’ve seen some of our emotional range. On our Discord, people have been suggesting several new adventure vectors (mostly of the deep and troubling kind!). You can also download a free adventure and an example of two Heroic Agents (powerful NPCs) from the Kickstarter page.

If you want to dip your toe a little deeper, on the Kickstarter page there’s a list with a dazzling number of podcasts and vidcasts, presenting many different aspects (and adventures!) of the game, and/or of ourselves, as creators. I wish we could also appear on some streamers’ channels, but we approached no Twitchers – streaming carries its own mess of scheduling/preparing/marketing, and we could probably get 2-3 appearances at most, and we are, essentially three people with day jobs, so, priorities.