Hmpf indeed.

Next week will see the last page of this story arc, after which we’ll go on a long break to focus on the setting book. We’re not sure when we’ll be back for the next story arc, but it’s going to be at least two or three months. That’s a long time, which is why we’d really like to post a surprise or two during the break, but we’ll have to wait and see if that’s feasible.

We’re going to pause our Patreon, like we did last time we took a break (before starting Crystal Heart, two years ago), but we’ll of course still be available to talk on our personal social accounts (boop), on Crystal Heart’s Discord, and through our mouths.

As the year – and very soon, the story arc – draws to an end, we’d like to thank you lovely readers for taking this ride with us, and wish all of you a very happy 2019! We’re excited for this year and everything it’ll bring.

Happy New Year!