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Welcome to Fjordstad, the land of…

You know what, now that I have a book, I no longer need to think up these descriptions again, I can just copy-paste.

The Land of ice and storms is not a hospitable place. The people of the Eleven Cities huddle in their homes, where they are protected from the harsh weather and the uncivilized barbarians. Encouraged to turn to ingenuity by the mother and father of all inventions—necessity and a lack of resources—the Fjordstadians have developed a bitter inter-city rivalry over prestige and recognition. This has led to a scientific arms race, pushing each city deeper and deeper into its own niche. A cold war (in more ways than one) is raging beneath the surface. Anyone can be a spy, an informant, or a saboteur.

Most Agents who arrive at a Fjordstadian city do so under some cover, usually meeting only higher-ups in secret. The official word among the noble houses is that Syn cannot be trusted and that Crystals are too dangerous to mess with: Ackstad’s destruction (page 96) is still fresh in the collective memory. Unofficially, most noble houses maintain contact with Syn, using a “let’s scratch each other’s back” approach in order to have Agents sent on missions that benefit them and hurt their enemies. Syn tries to keep track of who’s a friend and who’s an enemy, but not always successfully—Fjordstadian alliances are as fickle as Fjordstadian storms.

Regarding Ackstad, you’ll have to turn to page 96, we won’t be getting into details about that any time soon.