Play in the world of Crystal Heart!

All quotes are completely accurate. We were waiting until we have our own rulebook before we made any rule-lawyer jokes, because unlike with the general Savage Worlds book, for which there are many experts who know a lot more than we do, in Crystal Heart we have the final say and so we can’t be corrected in the comments. Win!

The reason Nadav agrees to this interpretation, is simple – Guy is right. Not because of the rules he quotes (they’re just the basis for the argument), but because of his understanding of play dynamics. The rules, after all, are just tools, meant to serve the greater function of making the story interesting and satisfying to all participants. Lily’s satisfaction, in this case, is dependent upon her ongoing conflict with Arman; that doesn’t mean everything should go her way, of course not, but it does mean that this is dramatic moment, and therefore the rules should— you know what, why am I repeating myself, Guy already said everything up there.

Yesterday I (Eran) played a charity game of The Ward, to support Children’s Cancer Awareness month. It was a great game (it’s a great system!) and we managed to raise $205. You can watch the game (and donate if you’d like) right here, and then part 2.