Animals in the Five Lands are just as biologically sound as animals in our world, but the people have hearts made of mineral – one that is theorised to be created by the brain but also affects the brain, in a complicated feedback loop that establishes and maintains one’s mind and personality. The heart also serves a crucial role in blood circulation, creating a field that pushes the blood through the veins, not unlike flakes of metal in a magnet’s magnetic field.

But these two functions are not necessarily linked. If you lose your heart, your blood stops flowing and you’ll start suffocating (this is what happens when an Agent desyncs!), but what if something keeps pushing your blood? Like those fleshy, disgusting ‘pumps’ that animals have. You’ll remain alive, but… what happens to your personality when you only have a brain, but not a heart? And why would someone even do this sort of thing?


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