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I mean, technically, if you attack with the weapon and they become Shaken, then they can’t act next turn. Story-wise, you shoot them in the face. Sooooooo

This is the sort of things that most players will agree on – that even though “the rules” are in their favour here, the story that comes out of it just doesn’t make sense. It’s not a good story. (Also, the rules aren’t actually in their favour, because one of the core rules of almost every system is “ditch the other rules if they don’t make sense”. This is a rule, with huge mechanical implications; Not all rules have to refer to dice and numbers.)

There’s a simple solution that will allow Mac to shoot his shotgun at whatever he likes – just say that he uses rubber pellets, or riot ammo, or salt, or whatever, this world has weird-science galore. Don’t worry, Guy will think of this by next time they’ll be in a similar situation.

On this page, this happened:

Draculetta was dealt an action card, after all, we just didn’t see it. Sneaky storytellers not revealing all the details! She actually has the Quick Edge, which means that if she’s dealt a 5 or lower then she must be dealt a higher card instead. Which was a 6, in this case. Sooooo

Grappling is very straightforward, Fighting vs Fighting to make them stop moving, and if you get a raise, they’re also Shaken. Heuberger only has the most basic Fighting training from the Syn Agent courses, and Draculetta is a goddamn badass. Sooooooo

Nadav probably should have given her a +1 for using the chair, but just like me, he’s hesitant to reward himself for coming up with cool uses of the scenery.

The Command Edge does exactly what Rotem is saying, helping allies within close range to overcome the Shaken condition, but it’s also the first in a long line of Command Edges, which allow one to become, well, a commander. This was the first Edge Rotem chose for Muna.


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