If one of the players keeps trying to do something that doesn’t really mash up with their abilities, you should probably convince them to take an appropriate Edge for their next advancement. If there’s no such Edge, because the thing they’re trying to do isn’t covered by the rules, it’s probably time to make a house rule for that. Because this rule will mostly be used by a single player, it’s important to keep it balanced – have a hefty price or make it contingent upon uncommon circumstances. Maybe I should do a Thursday RPG post on it?

A few remarks on the rules:

Heuberger’s Crystal basically allows him to roll Throwing and Shooting really well (he have no Throwing skill of his own, the Crystal gave him a d6). It’s not an immensely interesting Crystal, but it works for him.

Because Lily was Holding her action, she could try to interrupt Heuberger’s action – but it requires a contested Agility check which we didn’t show here (and which she won).

Technically, the jam-filled bun could be considered a different throwing action than the knife, but Nadav decided to keep them both as a single attack, with a single damage roll should it succeed.

Trombone’s Crystal has three powers: Telekinesis, for when he tries to push his shadow to do a delicate thing; Barrier, for when he wants to just make a hardened wall out of his shadow; and Bolt, for when he just wants to smack something from a distance. It could be argued that Contessa’s darkness isn’t exactly the same as Trombone’s shadow, but for the purpose of having a swift turn and quick action, we can say that he moved to an angle from which there’s a light source behind him, so that his shadow merges just enough with the darkness to allow him to bomp Macintosh on the head.

Not that it mattered much, because he rolled rubbish damage, and you can’t spend a benny on damage unless you have a specific Edge that allows it.


The Good Society Kickstarter is doing very well! Aviv is one of the artists working on it.

Also, Aviv keeps posting art based on our ongoing Savage Worlds campaign, playing in 50 Fathoms, with some One Piece thrown in for good measure:

On today’s new On the Shoulders of Dwarves, a topic that required a whole hour: How to run an inclusive game, at a convention or otherwise.

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