A few remarks on the rules:

The whip doesn’t exist in Savage Worlds, I created it for Contessa. It’s a 1d4+Str weapon that gives +1 to attack and damage rolls, but only while disarming. Because a really annoying rival isn’t the one that kills you, it’s the one that takes your stuff.

Muna’s Elan Edge allows her to add +2 whenever she spends a Benny. Super useful.

We don’t show the soak roll; we explained how it works, here.


The Good Society Kickstarter is doing very well! Aviv is one of the artists working on the project.

Aviv is also doing Critical Role inspired strips. Follow her on Facebook or Twitter to keep updated.

On today’s new On the Shoulders of Dwarves we discuss a very interesting topic: How to subtly hint to the players that they shouldn’t attack these monsters.

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