That darkness coming from the living room is Contessa’s power in action.

That darkness that you feel in your heart… that’s your sorrow and doom.

We are only responsible for the first, but you can check the strip that we posted exactly three years ago, and find the answer to the second.


The Good Society Kickstarter is live! (Aviv is doing some art for them) Roleplay as Jane Austenesque characters, stirring tea and stirring up drama. The Gentry of Note level will get you drawn by Aviv as an NPC card.

Aviv also started doing some Critical Role inspired strips, of mini-scenes that she especially enjoyed in the show. Follow her on Facebook or Twitter to keep updated, and to catch her other drawings (of our Savage Worlds 50 Fathoms campaign, for example!)

On today’s new On the Shoulders of Dwarves we lack an Uri, so we enter the Dwarven Forge to create a weird new campaign: Wheel of the Wisp.

Finally, if you’re around London and you want me to run some Dungeon Crawl Classics for you, check this out.

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