Now we see why Nadav interrupted Rotem’s tale of victory, and also how he managed to come up with the rival’s name so fast – it was all ready beforehand, just waiting to be implemented into the game. I’ll discuss the concept of rivals a bit more on this Thursday’s RPG post.

Contessa is the first Zingamaian we meet, so Iet’s discuss them for a moment.

Out of the Five Lands, Zingama is the moistest, since it’s a huge Amazonian-like jungle, with one major river that became the lifeblood of local civilization. In fact, being the only Land with any sort of unifying geographical feature led to Zingama becoming the largest and strongest out of them all, with one big government, considerable arts and sciences, and all the corruption you can ask for. The noble houses – previously warring tribes – have switched their focus to the political scene, with backstabs and shady dealings. Contessa is the product of her environment.

Trombone is the first Islander we meet, so let’s discuss them for a moment.

Islanders are diverse. They live on the many, many islands of the Inner Sea, and nothing much unites them. A few of the islands are the biggest trade hubs in the known world, and probably the most cosmopolitan places you can find; on others, cannibals will throw spears at you if you even come close to their shores. Oh, and there are pirates, of course.

Mr. Heuberger wears the first monocle in the series. It won’t be the last.

But what are they even doing here? What is the meaning of this!? Stay tuned.

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