Civility is a powerful force. One feels compelled to behave as expected from the social context – and so, when being told by the lady of the house that they will be joining her for dinner, our players don’t raise any objections. Nadav made sure to portray her in a way that’s only somewhat menacing, not enough to make them think “Welp, eff this, let’s violence!”. Until such a time when they choose to escalate the situation into physical action – which is always a possibility, considering this is an action-oriented roleplaying game – they are sort of compelled by the definition of the situation (you’re guests, she’s the hostess, she doesn’t take well to rudeness), to behave themselves and join her for dinner.

They can, of course, try to excuse themselves from dinner, as long as they’re using the tools of civility. How about we wait and see where this goes, hmmmmm

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