“Wait, but how can they talk with each other right at the table in front of everyo–Just read this.

A Raise on a Persuasion check can mean many things, such as having the person taking a liking to you, giving you an insight into their thought-process, or increasing the effectiveness of the request (“You know what, you can all come inside”).

In this case, Nadav chose to have the servant reveal more information – things she wasn’t asked about, that she simply mentioned while answering Muna. There are two reasons for this: First, because Rotem is mostly interested in gaining information, so having some more will be appreciated; and second, because Nadav wants to keep the waitress – and the staff as a whole – distanced from the players. They never act, only react; they are never mentioned, except as in the background. This helps him create a specific atmosphere about the place, making the staff seem… less like people, more like tools, which is allegedly how Draculetta sees them.


On a different note: During this month on November, I’ll be doing an #Inktober + #NaNoWriMo mashup, by posting a new short story every day, based on a random concept (Today I’ll post two, I’m owed one from yesterday). Some of them, such as Pastepocalips, feature our Crystal Hunters. Have a gander!

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