Occasionally, Raffaela does make her Stealth check.

The Thief Edge simply gives you +2 to various roguish activities, such as sneaking around. If you clicked the link above, you might now ask yourself “Wait, where was this Edge that time? It would have allowed Raf to make the check!”

Exactly… and we wanted her to fail, because it’s a lot funnier. So apparently everyone around the table forgot she had that Edge, that one time – which is a thing that happen quite a lot during the first few sessions of a new roleplaying game, and that’s okay, since the late realization of “oh, I could have made that roll”, is one of the best ways to make sure you never again forget this bonus.


On a personal note, I’m trying to devote November to writing short stories every day, which isn’t easy seeing as a few days ago I got a new job doing just that. I still managed to write a few stories about our Crystal Heart characters: Pastepocalips, Boxes from the sky, and Zingamaian night out. They are probably canon. I hope to get a few more by the end of the month.

In the meantime, Aviv drew our characters from our Let’s Play of my new storytelling game, Venture Forth. Check them allllll out!

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