So this week we got to 6,000 likes on our Facebook page. That’s, like, a lot. Oh sorry, I meant that’s a lot of likes.

pause for laughter

We decided to celebrate by posting a new Ready to Roll comic, explaining the rules for Savage Worlds in 2 pages – I mean, if you want to learn Savage Worlds you can also read Crystal Heart from the beginning, but that’s so long, and we don’t have all day, so here’s a more elegant solution. We decided to create this summary a few months back, thinking of using it with our upcoming setting book, and handing it over to Pinnacle in the hope that they’ll use it in the upcoming Gencon and the like.

In other words, it doesn’t have much to do with our Patreon goal of creating more RtR, but it was still a lot of work, so we gently pushed that goal up to $400. It’ll be surprising if we get there, but then again, I’m eternally surprised we’ve been above $300 since January, so what do I know.

All of our “explain rules in comics” things can be found here. If you’re in need of a summed-up gist of the rules, to help your new players understand what’s going on, or if you’re a new player yourself, feel free to download, distribute and print the PDFs!


Next week we’ll be back to our shregularly scheduled shenanigans.


Setting book update

We no longer accept playtester applications. I planned on having about 8 groups, instead we have 21 (what) and I had to turn away about 10 more, which was a strange feeling, let me tell you. People write to you that they enjoy your work and would like to play it – which is the best, twice – yet you have to say what amounts to “Sure, but not right now”, despite having a pretty solid set of rules just a few tabs away.

The first wave of playtester remarks is now being implemented, the 10-adventure long Plot Points campaign is being devised, and this month’s Crystal Ball article will be a peek into some of the new rules or lore. It kinda looks like this thing is happening!